Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lots of stimulus

The challenge of listening continues. Because there is SO much going on. Hundreds and hundreds of plays and thousands of people in the streets. Between going to see
plays (Girl Blog, Fine Noble Gases, Tick my Box, Cooped, Saint or Sinha - to name but a few)and walking into The Assembly Rooms every day, to the posters and crowds and reviews and negotiating the masses along Princes Street, I still have to be there each day with fresh listening and the energy to tell a good story.
That takes preparation - both physical and mental: running, swimming , Alexander Technique, and endless hours of conversation with Paul and Dan.
Listening to another is a powerful template for learning how to listen to myself.
Because the ear is an external organ, I often think of listening as something that pertains to OUTSIDE of myself. But how do I clear my listening to what is going on internally.


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