Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Laboratory for Ego

Two Men Talking is an intimate exchange with an audience of people and between me and Murray. Every day, I have to allow myself to be a vessel for the conversation and stories that arise. This requires relaxation and openness, allowing vulnerability and emotions. So what would be the perfect laboratory for this process? a place where ego is constantly aroused? The Edinburgh festival!! We are in the midst of thousands of shows, posters, reviews, trying to drum up audiences, competition, and constantly witenssing the work of other artists....the sea we are swimming in is one of evaluation, assessment, and comparison. It's very exciting and very energizing at the same time, it makes the task of being true to the Two Men Talking process a rigourous one. I am off to the gym now, to run and clear my mind, and even writing this blog is an act of consciousness. I am privileged and grateful for this opportunity - and it is taking something, a huge amount of concentration, energy and discipline. Audiences are so inspiring and I invite all readers and audience members to exchange energy via this blog!!


Blogger Eddie said...

So....lot's of stimulation, Paul? I wonder if Murray's experiences are similar when he takes a film to festival? I'm really glad you're taking time for the more physical aspects-ie. the gym-of your life, ways to evacuate the mind, create clearing. It must be exciting to be in this ferment, so I'm glad you're maintaining awareness, staying open and focused all at once. Keep going!

2:11 PM  
Blogger susie said...

I saw you both last Saturday and have to let you know that it was one of the most educating, enthralling, emotional experiences I have had. Your storytelling is amazing and I thank you for letting me share this experience with you.

9:11 AM  

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