Sunday, August 06, 2006

Is the past always changing?

On Friday we had our first performance. It has been quite a ramp up to the moment of finally being in front of an audience.
We've spent nine days letting Edinburgh seep into our veins. Dan's work with us is so much about experiencing the spaces we're in. Getting to know the city: walking the streets, eating the food, looking down from high places, looking up at the sky.
Noticing where we are. Who we are. Who we are becoming. Because it is all constantly changing. I've known Paul for 33 years. I keep on thinking I REALLY KNOW him. Only to be suddenly surprised when he does or says something I wasn't expecting/
Or when he comes up with a new story or a new telling of an old story.
Then- of course - there is my relationship with my own past. Given this whole
new circumstance of being in Edinburgh, new memories, ideas and connections bubble up to the surface.
The unfamiliar becomes familiar and vice versa. Today I was running on a path through Dean Village, alongside a river. I was overcome by the beauty of it. I was - at once - in the moment and back to age 6, remembering the green library truck which had come to our newly developed suburb of Dewetshof. Whose streets were named after famous explorers. Ours was Dias Street after Bartholomew Dias.

After the performance many audience members asked if the show truly changes every time. Sometimes I wonder about that too. Will we come to a point where it is just the same as it was the day before? That is impossible. We are constantly evolving.
If I am present to that fact, it is all, always new.


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