Saturday, April 12, 2008


Last night during the performance it struck me that it's not only a coincidence that Murray and I re-connected in New York after not having seen one another since childhood, but what a miracle it is that any of us are alive at the same time. Any of us...and by that I mean me, and you! I can explain to you why the odds of our co-existing at this moment in time are far lower than the odds of winning the lottery. We could all be in a state of awe and wonder all the time, even on the subway each morning, we could be saying to one another "what a miracle that we are alive at the same moment, and that we've actually come into contact"....but we tend not to be present to that miracle, to say the least. We tend to take our lives for-granted. At least I do, most of the time.
Would love to write more, but am off to perform Two Men Talking.