Monday, January 14, 2008

Creating community through storytelling

I am dashing out of the door to an interview on WBAI Radio, so I can't write much. But I wanted to create this heading on the blog, as a way of expressing what has emerged as a common theme in responses I've had about performances of Two Men Talking so far.
Its a simple premise. We create community through sharing stories with one another
In the particular we find the universal.
We see our humanity (the struggles, the joys, the triumphs) reflected in others.
The recognition if that commonality is the seed of building community. From there we can actually choose to support one another.
And the practice of doing Two Men Talking makes it abundantly self evident.
Two Men Talking exists in contradistinction to isolation - going it alone.

I've got to go. Maybe I'll carry on this line of thinking on the radio.

Listen in on 99.5 fm at 1.40pm


Blogger Robyn Spector-Blumner said...

Dear Murray,
Wow- how wonderful that in this world of computers and text messaging you keyed in on the oral communication culture and sensitively brought it to life and light. I am a big fan of yours from "Turn to Me" and this is yet another winner!!!
Robyn Spector-Blumner ACSW
Board Member BCCC

9:12 AM  

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